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Strofilia Villas and Residences

The action plan of our company complies with the recommendations of the of the National Public Health Organization and is revised according to the developments. Health certificate 2020 (pdf)

Suspected case management plan
In particular, for the management of a suspicious case, the plan for dealing with a suspicious case of the NATIONAL HEALTH MUNICIPAL ORGANIZATION is followed.

Accommodation staff has been trained in the following:
• The sources and modes of transmission of the virus.
• Information procedures for those in charge of the accommodation and the customers them selves.
• Behavior and actions in case of illness by staff.
• Methods and practices for cleaning and disinfecting identified sites based on the risk and likelihood of transmitting the disease.
• Methods and communication approach of visitors.
• Observance of the basic measures of avoiding transmission of the virus regarding diligent and regular hand washing, avoidance of handshakes, distance keeping, avoidance of hand contact with eyes, nose and mouth and respiratory hygiene.
• Maintaining training and documentation files for each employee.

Accommodation file and event book
For the purposes of public health protection actions, the accommodation management shall keep a record of the staff members and all persons residing in the accommodation. Attention is drawn to the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR).

Accommodation services
• The staff takes the necessary hygiene measures (hand washing), keeps a distance of at least one meter from the customers (avoid handshakes, etc.) and follows the rules of hygiene.
• When requested, there is a possibility: a) to inform visitors about the policy of the accommodation and the measures it has taken to deal with any incidents, b) to provide useful information for health providers, public and private hospitals, reference hospitals for COVID-19, pharmacies etc. in the area and c) provision of Personal Protective Equipment.
• Special equipment (medical kit) for the occurrence of an incident, such as gloves and disposable masks, antiseptics, cleaning wipes, apron, long-sleeved robe, laser thermometer.
• Avoid overcrowding during check-in / check-out.
• Disinfection of keys.
• Extension of check-out and check-in between stays (check out until 11.00 am and check in from 3.00 pm).
• Prohibition of entry into the rooms to non-residents.

• Cleaning and disinfection program based on the relevant Instructions NATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF HEALTH MUNICIPALITY.
• Special Instructions for cleaning in case of an accident with the relevant Instructions NATIONAL HEALTH ORGANIZATION.
• Reinforcement of sanitary services in all public areas and especially in high risk objects (eg knobs).
• Meticulous cleaning and very good room ventilation during the hours between stays.
• Adequate staff equipment (gloves, masks, robe, closed shoes).
• The cleaning staff uses a surgical mask, gloves and a disposable waterproof robe.
• Removal of shared objects of multiple use such as menus, magazines, etc.
• Installation of a disposable cover on the TV controls.
• Fabric surfaces (eg furniture upholstery) are cleaned with a steam device (temperature > 70.).
• Opening doors and windows for natural ventilation of the space daily.
• Strict adherence to hygiene rules by staff involved in the sorting of unclean linen using the appropriate MAP (special disposable apron over the uniform, gloves and mask).
• Used fabrics, bedding and towels are placed in special bags in order to be transported to the laundry areas.
• When storing clean clothing, care is taken to keep it in good and clean condition. The same applies to the transfer of clothing to use areas (rooms, etc.).

Swimming pools (apply to Strofilia villas)
Operation in accordance with the applicable legal framework.
• Chlorination: proper operation, control and maintenance of chlorination systems in accordance with current legislation.
• PH adjustment: the pH values ​​in the water of recreational water installations are maintained within the limits provided by the current legislation. Regular counting and keeping records.
• Number of bathers: the maximum total number of people entering the tank at any given time will not be greater than one bather per 2.5 m2 of water surface.
• Keeping distance: the arrangement of the seats (sunbeds, chairs, etc.) 2 meters in each direction.

Air conditioning and space ventilation
The provisions of the relevant circular of the Ministry of Health. Taking measures to ensure public health by viruses and other infections when using air conditioning units", with emphasis on non-recirculation of air and good natural ventilation in rooms and other operating systems (shutdown air conditioning when the doors are open).

Common areas (open and closed)
Common areas include seating area and BBQ area.
• Operation of these spaces in accordance with the current legal framework.
• Marking to remind customers to keep their distance - apply measures such as floor tapes.
• Antiseptic solutions will be placed in all common areas.

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